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The Bahamas For Spring Break: A Recap

Hi everyone! I hope this post finds you well! This blog post was originally written in March 2020 shortly after returning home from a trip to The Bahamas for spring break senior year. I didn’t feel right publishing this at the onset of the pandemic, and didn’t even think to publish this last spring as very few people traveled for spring break – especially internationally. Well, it’s now March 2022 and travel is BACK! It seems like countless students took advantage of a spring break this year, with places like Ft. Lauderdale and Miami being domestic hot spots. I also know of quite a few people with plans of cruising in the Caribbean or traveling to the Bahamas, so it finally seemed like a good time to publish this post. I did make quite a few edits to it, but I’m excited to recap my spring break experience with you all today and provide some tips for those of you gearing up for a trip of your own!

Bahamas for spring break

Flying To The Bahamas

Flying from the United States to Nassau is easy! Flights from Boston and NYC are just over 3 hours long and are direct. We scored roundtrip tickets for $300 in December – one of the best deals I’ve seen. Most people I know flew either JetBlue or Delta down to Baha. Since most spring breaks are in March, definitely start looking at flights during the fall or early winter months. Airlines know their flights (especially those to warmer destinations) are in high demand, so they may get pricey!

Pro-tip: I wrote an entire blog post dedicated to finding cheap flights. If you’re traveling on a student budget, definitely give this a read!

Staying In The Bahamas

Since the Bahamas is made up of over 700 islands, the options for staying here are endless. I feel like the top three most sought out destinations in the Bahamas are Exuma, Paradise Island, and New Providence Island.


Exuma is a district in the Bahamas consisting of over 300 islands, or cays, known for its swimming pigs and sharks. It’s a bit remote and require a short flight from Nassau.

Paradise Island

Paradise Island is located about 3 miles from Nassau and is home to the world famous Atlantis Resort & Casino. This resort is HUGE and has so much to do, including several waterslides (through shark tanks), Marina Village shops & restaurants, a lazy river, and more! The only downside to staying at the Atlantis is the costly price, but luckily I have a travel hack for you to save some cash! The catch? You’ll have to check out this post to learn what it is!

PS. It saved us HUNDREDS!

New Providence Island

New Providence Island is the main island in the Bahamas and where the capital, Nassau, is located. This island is also home to Cable Beach where you can find many of Nassau’s resorts. If you’re looking for a romantic, relaxing vacation, definitely check out the Baha Mar. If you’re looking to visit The Bahamas for spring break, Breezes is the place to be.

Breezes is an all-inclusive resort located on Cable Beach in Nassau and is the perfect places in The Bahamas for spring break. There are several restaurants on the property, although many of them have a 25+ age restriction and cost extra money. Included in the all-inclusive packages are a huge buffet, serving three meals a day plus late night snacks, unlimited drinks at any of the three main bars on site, and your hotel room. Everything else – excursions, airport shuttle, etc. costs extra. While I do think we got our money’s worth by either eating or drinking something pretty much 24/7 (remember this was spring break), this place wasn’t the nicest hotel I’ve ever been to.

The Bahamas for spring break

Everything You Should Know About Breezes

If you are a high school or college student and are interested in booking a “typical” spring break, below are some things you should know. And if you’re not in college, I don’t recommend staying here during the month of March as it got a bit rowdy.

  1. Although your room will be thoroughly cleaned each day by hotel staff, this place isn’t exactly shining. It’s not dirty though. 
  2. The food isn’t the best you’ll ever have, but it’s not bad! The buffet had tons of options each day, including an omelette station each morning and a fresh salad bar each night. Since we were at Breezes during their peak spring break week, there were about 1000 college students in the buffet each night. It really did feel like a dining hall, but remember what you’re paying for. There is also a beachside snack shack that we ate lunch at most days. 
  3. The drinks did the job, but were served in small plastic cups and were barely mixed. My friends and I really liked the Bahama Mamas, but by day two, we were so sick of the sugar. The resort has no wine but a lot of people seemed to enjoy the beer. Don’t let cheap drinks stop you from coming here though, it’s so much fun!
  4. Breezes is a blast! Around noon each day, a DJ came on stage and played dance remixes until about 4 pm. This whole time, people were dancing in front of the stage, in the pool, and even on the beach. The daytime vibes definitely screamed spring break, in that they weren’t quiet or relaxing at all, but so. much. fun.
  5. Breeze’s location is great. Since it’s right on Cable Beach, we often walked down the beach or to the Baha Mar. It’s common for students to hangout in the bars here, try their luck at the casino, or dance the night away in Bond Nightclub. Also, Breezes is located about 15 minutes away from downtown Nassau where all the fun bars and shops are located!

Traveling to The Bahamas for spring break

How To Book A Spring Break Trip

Interested in The Bahamas for spring break? I think you should be. Like I mentioned above, spring break clearly wasn’t the nicest vacation I’ve been on, but it was definitely one of the most fun. My friends and I totally embraced all that Breezes had to offer and had an awesome spring break. Booking our trip was super easy because we went through a student agency called STS Travel.

The Bahamas for spring break

The total for Breezes is around $800 during peak week, which can be paid for in increments. By booking Breezes through STS, we could add on airport transfers, excursions, (I HIGLY recommend the booze cruise), and even a party package. My friends and I decided not to buy the party package, but I heard good things from people who did. I just recommend really thinking about it before you do because it’s an additional $300 and you want to make sure you will actually want to go out each night after a full day of drinking by the pool. There is also the option to buy individual night packages, but these are also quite expensive. Some of my friends did this one night when DJ Pauly D was playing at Bond Nightclub and spent $120!!! I personally wanted to get the most out of Breezes since I had already paid so much for it.

Booze cruise in The Bahamas on spring break

Booze cruise in The Bahamas on spring break

We all booked our trip in September by communicating with an STS travel agent and utilizing their website, which I’ll link here. It was a seamless process, and much easier than trying to divide up the cost of rooms on our own!

Additional Information

I recommend bringing a reusable water bottle with you to the Bahamas for spring break as this will save money and help the environment! Also, the bars at Breezes will fill up water bottles/cups from home instead of their small plastic cups!

For the girls – I recommend buying a sarong or cute coverup to wear when dancing by the pool. A lot of my friends and I bought these sarongs from Amazon and they were perfect for the daytime.

Traveling to The Bahamas for spring break

I know a lot of students also head to Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Punta Cana, Cancun, and Cabo for spring break. STS offers packages to many of these locations too.

I hope this post was insightful for all you college students out there! Spring break is really an experience like no other. Although I prefer trips that entail sightseeing, activities, and local cuisine, I was so happy I had a (once-in-a-lifetime) experience like this. And to be able to do it with over 100 of my classmates!

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    The Bahamas is paradise! You obviously had a great time there 🙂

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    That pirate ship cruise looks like the perfect spring break adventure! Thanks for sharing.

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    March 27, 2022 / 9:21 AM

    Wow! Bahamas seem to be a super cool place to have a perfect spring break! great tips!

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    It really is! Could use that weather right now!!

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    It’s so fun! Thanks for reading!

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    It’s the perfect place for spring break from the US!

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    I’m glad you like it!

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