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How to Spend 2 Days in Savannah, Georgia

Girl poses in front of the Hamilton Turner Inn

Welcome back everyone! Today’s post is all about Savannah, Georgia! I just returned from 2 days in Savannah, after spending 3 days in Charleston, and LOVED it. Savannah has to be one of the most charming cities I’ve been to in the US, if not the world, and I’m already looking forward to going back. Savannah is a fairly small city, but it’s jam-packed with history, charm, art (hello SCAD) and too many squares to count- there’s over 25 of them. This blog post is going to cover how to spend 2 days in Savannah, covering everything from sights to see, tours I recommend, restaurants to check out, and where to stay!

Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by the Hamilton-Turner Inn! This historic, luxury inn was kind enough to host me for two nights in exchange for sponsored blog + Instagram content. This inn is the nicest place I’ve ever stayed at as a solo female traveler and I’m so excited to share more down below. As always, all opinions here are my own!

How to Get to Savannah

There are multiple ways to get to Savannah, with the most popular options being train, car, or plane. Amtrak runs a route right through Savannah, which is convenient if you’re traveling from Charleston without a car. You can also easily access Savannah by car, like I did! I liked this option best so I could reach Tybee Island from Savannah on my own, and also stop in Hilton Head on my way down from Charleston. Savannah is very easy to navigate by car. The last option is to fly into the Savannah/ Hilton Head airport which is about 20 minutes from downtown.

Where to Stay in Savannah

A visit to Savannah wouldn’t be complete without staying in a historic inn! Lucky for you, Savannah is crawling with them! I couldn’t recommend a stay at the Hamilton-Turner Inn enough. It’s located centrally in downtown Savannah and is by far the nicest accommodation I’ve ever stayed in as a solo female traveler. This luxury inn is one of the most historic in the city; It was a private home from 1873 until 1997 and was actually the first home in Savannah to get electricity! Today, the inn is a luxurious, yet charming place to stay. They have 17 guest rooms, a courtyard, and parlor that serves breakfast each morning. They even offer pet-friendly rooms!

The bedroom in the Hamilton Turner Inn in Savannah, GA

The bathroom at the Hamilton Turner Inn in Savannah, Georgia

Parlor view at Hamilton Turner Inn in Savannah, Georgia

This breakfast wins the award for best hotel breakfast I’ve ever had while traveling. You can kiss the idea of a continental buffet out the window at the Hamilton-Turner and instead expect hand-made avocado toast, quiche, freshly-baked pastries, and refreshing juices each morning. The best part? The Hamilton-Turner Inn also offers their guests a happy hour selection of hors d’oeuvres and complimentary wine each evening, along with fresh baked cookies each night. These chocolate chip cookies were by far the best I’ve ever had, and they were kind enough to bring them right to my room- fresh out of the oven. Talk about exceptional service!

Breakfast in the parlor at the Hamilton Turner Inn in Savannah, Georgia

Freshly baked cookies at the Hamilton Turner Inn

The Hamilton-Turner Inn is located in Lafayette Square in Savannah’s historical district and is a short walk away from many of the city’s main attractions and best restaurants. I really couldn’t recommend a stay here more! Thank you again to the Hamilton-Turner Inn for hosting me during my stay!

Hamilton Turner Inn in Savannah, Georgia

Girl poses in front of the Hamilton Turner Inn

2 Days in Savannah: Day 1

Old Savannah Tours Hop-On / Hop-Off Trolley

The very first thing I recommend doing on your first full day in Savannah is a historic hop-on/hop-off trolley. These trolleys are narrated by a local guide, so they allow you to sightsee the entire city while simulataneouly learning about the history of Savannah! There are several tour companies in the city that operate these kinds of tours, but I personally recommend Old Savannah Tours. This company is unique because historical characters come onboard at different locations and act out a monologue, bringing the history of Savannah to life!

The reason why I recommend the Hop-On / Hop-Off Tour is so that you can explore Savannah at your own pace. The city isn’t ginormous, but it was still helpful to be able to hop off in certain areas and then use the trolley to get off right near my hotel. If you’d prefer to stay seated, they also offer a 90-minute Historical Trolley Tour.

City Hall

One of the stops I recommend exploring off the trolley, or just on your own, is City Hall! Savannah’s City Hall is famous because it has one of the only gold-leafed domes in the country.

City Market

From City Hall, walk down the block to the City Market. This outdoor, pedestrian area is a great place to hangout in the city. Here you’ll find some of Savannah’s most touristy shops, restaurants, and bars. This four-block, open-air market has been around since the 1700s. Lots of artwork is sold here in restored warehouses as well!

Lunch & Shop On River Street

You can’t leave Savannah without walking down to River Street! As the name suggests, River Street is the street that runs along the Savannah River. It’s super charming, covered in authentic cobblestone, and is home to some of the best restaurants in the city! This is a great place to get lunch, so I definitely recommend spending 1-2 hours here and eating at one of the many rooftop restaurants.

River Street in Savannah, Georgia

Leopold’s Ice Cream

If you’ve read any blog post about Savannah before, then you’ve definitely heard about Leopold’s Ice Cream! Leopold’s is a “Savannah tradition” and has been selling ice cream in the city since 1919. Not only are their flavors award-winning, their parlor is so cute! The inside definitely gives off an old-school parlor vibe, complete with a historical soda fountain! You may even want to visit here both days during your 2 days in Savannah!

Leopold's Ice Cream during 2 days in Savannah, Georgia

Forsyth Park

This is where the trolley will come in handy. Forsyth Park is located in the south part of the city, several blocks away from River Street at the north end of the city. But, you can’t miss it! Forsyth Park is HUGE. It’s essentially the Central Park (you know, the one in NYC), of Savannah! It’s Savannah’s oldest and largest public park. There’s a lot to do here, including grabbing a latte at Collins Quarter Cafe, sunbathing, or enjoying some live music at the Mansion. The most popular attraction in Forsyth Park is the fountain here. This is the iconic one you’ve probably seen all over Google and Instagram. It’s stunning, so definitely check it out and spend some time here people watching!

The fountain at Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA

Alex Raskin Antiques

If you’re coming to the park from the north, you’ll find Alex Raskin Antiques! Since Savannah is such a historic city, there are tons of antique shops here. This shop is one of the best, and since it’s located right on the corner of the park, it’s also one of the easiest to access!

Photos On Jones Street

If you walk a block up from the park/antique shop, you’ll hit Jones Street. This street is renowned for being the “Prettiest Street in Savannah” by publications like Southern Living, Visit Savannah, and my blog (lol)! It really is though! This street is lined with trees covered in Spanish moss (ugh my fav), gas-lit lanterns, colorful row homes, and cobblestone streets. The complete package. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just a tourist, be sure to take a stroll down this street. Preferably at the end of your 2 days in Savannah during golden hour!

Dinner at The Public Kitchen & Bar

By now you’re probably exhausted and starving! It’s time for dinner. Savannah has some of the best food I’ve ever eaten, so you really can’t go wrong, but I recommend The Public Kitchen & Bar! This restaurant is located in the heart of downtown, right off of one of Savannah’s many squares. There’s a rooftop here that overlooks the city – offering the perfect view of the horse drawn carriages below. If you choose to dine here, be sure to order the Savannah Shrimp and Grits. It was to-die-for.

2 Days in Savannah: Day 2

Art’s Coffee

Begin day 2 of your 2 days in Savannah by exploring SCAD! As mentioned in the first paragraph of this post, Savannah is home to the world-renowned art school, SCAD, or the Savannah College of Art and Design! Over the years, SCAD has purchased several rundown buildings in the historical downtown and renovated them, making SCAD one of the most sustainable college campuses out there. They did a similar thing with Art’s Coffee! Art’s is a super trendy cafe located downtown offering a wide selection of lattes, açaí bowls, etc. The coolest part? In typical SCAD fashion, there’s an art installation here that takes up most of the cafe… a double decker bus! The bottom floor of the bus is the kitchen and the top floor has additional seating for guests.

Holding up a latte at Art's Coffee at SCAD

St. John Church

A few blocks away from Art’s Coffee is St. John’s Church. This is one of the only Catholic churches in the city and is a remarkable site to see! If you can, take a walk inside to admire the stained glass windows from Austria, the wood carvings from Germany, and the impressive organ in the back.

Pro-tip: Entry to visit this church is free, but a $3 donation is highly encouraged.

St. John's Church facade at golden hour in Savannah, Georgia

Chippewa Square & Savannah Theater

It’s about time I talk about Forrest Gump! If you have no idea what I mean by that, the movie Forrest Gump was filmed in Savannah! If you’re familiar with the movie, you’ll know that the movie was filmed all around the country, including Monument Valley where Forrest’s famous running scene takes place, but the scenes where he’s sitting on a bench waiting for a bus takes place in Savannah! These scenes were filmed at Chippewa Square and although the bench is no longer there (it’s in the Visitor’s Center if you want to see it), it’s still cool to see! Savannah is home to 20+ city squares, all marked by a fountain or statue in the center. Because of Forrest Gump, Chippewa Square is one of the most famous.

Right off the square is the historic Savannah Theater! This theater is both a movie theater and a live-performance auditorium that opened in 1818. It’s one of the United States’ oldest continuously operating theaters.

The historic Savannah theater

Lunch at Fox & Fig

After this morning’s sightseeing, you’re probably ready for lunch! Head to Fox & Fig, located only a few blocks away from the church and Chippewa Square for the most delicious vegan meal you’ll have! This place has it all, from veggie burgers to vegan mac-n-cheese! It’s one of the healthiest, and yummiest restaurants in the city.

Tybee Island

And FINALLY – I couldn’t leave out Tybee! Tybee Island is known as “Savannah’s beach” because it’s a quick 20 minute drive from the city. The island is small city known for its wide, sandy beaches and pier. The 18th century Tybee Light Station and Museum is also well-known as it’s the oldest lighthouse in Georgia. Be sure to squeeze in an afternoon here during your 2 days in Savannah!

You may know Tybee for being the filming location of Nicholas Sparks’ Last Song! Popular scenes including Will’s volleyball competition and the summer fair were both filmed on the pier and adjacent beach. You can also visit the cottage where Ronnie’s dad lived in real life! I didn’t spend too much time on Tybee as I found it to be quite residential, but there is a charming downtown near the pier that I recommend exploring! Another popular activity to do here if you have more time is to rent fat-tire bikes and go biking on the beach! My parents did this and loved it!

The beach at Tybee Island in Savannah, GA

The Tybee Island Pier


Looking to visit more islands in Georgia? Consider a visit to Saint Simon’s Island and the Golden Isles, which are located about 1.5 hours from Savannah!

That’s all for my how to spend 2 days in Savannah guide! I made sure to include all of the major sites, restaurant recommendations, and where to stay. I followed this exact itinerary when I visited a few weeks ago and felt like I covered the whole city. I hope you enjoy your stay!

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    Great pictures, I have been here. Looks like a awesome place to check out.

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    From the hotel to the shops and outdoor architecture, everything just looks so charming in Savannah! It’s definitely on my list to visit.

  4. Farrah May 1, 2021 / 10:12 PM

    I’ve never been to Savannah but it’d be cool to explore someday! I’d definitely want to get some ice cream from Leopold’s and also stop by at Fox & Fig. (I may or may not plan my travels around food. :] )

  5. Deb May 2, 2021 / 3:29 AM

    Savannah looks so charming! We would love to wander there. Looks like some lovely meals (and cookies!) to be had as well!

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    Thanks for your comment Hannah! Yes, they were to die for!

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    Savannah is one of my favorite cities – I might prefer it to Charleston right now. It’s less crowded and I feel more connected with the culture here.

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