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The Best Of St. Petersburg, Russia In 2 Days

The Best Of St. Petersburg, Russia In 2 Days

Hello again! My family and I cruised to Russia after our stop in Estonia! RUSSIA!!! We had two full days to explore St. Petersburg! To visit Russia, you must have a visa, but since we booked our excursions through the cruise, we didn’t need one!

The Neva River in St. Petersburg, Russia!

Pro-tip: You may not need a Russian visa if you book tours through cruises or travel agencies! Look for loopholes like this to save yourself time and money!

Day One in St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Isaac’s Cathedral

St. Isaac’s Cathedral was our first stop on tour! This church is the 4th biggest in Europe and was beautiful.

Cathedral of Spilled Blood

Next, we visited the famous Cathedral of Spilled Blood. Alexander III was murdered at this site, so the church is named after him. This Russian Orthodox church was built at the end of the 18th century.

Cathedral of Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, Russia!

Buying Matryoshka Dolls

Our next stop on tour was to a souvenir shop! I bought a Matryoshka doll, or stacking doll. These dolls are typical toys for Russian children. They are made of wood and usually consist of five painted dolls that stack in each other.

Buying stacking dolls at a souvenir shop in St. Petersburg, Russia!

St. Paul & Peter’s Cathedral and Fortress

Next, we drove to St. Paul & Peter’s Cathedral and Fortress. This location is where the city of St. Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great! In fact, all visitors had to bring a rock for construction when they wanted to enter the site. So, the city of St. Petersburg was quite literally erected here.

This site is the burial site of the Russian Royal family. Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, and Princess Anastasia are all buried here. In addition, this is where the royal family used to attend Russian Orthodox church services.

St. Paul & Peter's Fortress and Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia!

St. Paul & Peter's Fortress and Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia!

A Night at the Russian Ballet

Later at night we attended a Russian folklore show! Musicians, dancers, and singers all performed traditional song and dance. Each performance told a different story about Russia’s past. I learned more about Russia’s history tonight than I ever have from a textbook!

Day Two in St. Petersburg, Russia

Peterhof Palace

Today we drove an hour outside of St. Petersburg to Peterhof Palace, the summer palace of the Romanov family. We had a full guided tour of the inside bedrooms, formal dining rooms, sitting rooms, and study.

Visiting the Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia!

Next, we toured the lower gardens and guest homes. Every day at 11 am, classical music is played and all of the fountains turn on in a grand and elaborate show! It was super crowded, but awesome to see! This palace is known as the Versailles of Russia, and is definetly just as, if not more, impressive than the French royal palace.

The gardens of Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia!

The gardens and facade of Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia!

Posing in front of gardens of Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia!

Overall, I loved being in Russia and was very impressed with the Neva River and its surrounding buildings. Certainly this city is the culture capital of Russia and has a unique mix of European and Soviet architecture. However, I did not like how we had to stay with a tour group at all times (even while using the restroom), I think that having a visa would have given us much more freedom to truly get to know Russia on our own.

St. Petersburg Facts

  • “Prospect” is the word for “street” in St. Petersburg
  • St. Petersburg consists of 40 islands
  • St. Petersburg was created by Peter the Great in 1703 and has more of an European culture than Slavic
  • While Moscow is the capital and business center of Russia, St. Petersburg is the cultural capital
  • St. Petersburg averages only 30 sunny days per year (and we were lucky enough to get 2 of them!)
  • Russia has 11 different time zones and is the largest country in the world

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