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Why Your 20s Are The Best Time To Visit Morocco

Morocco is a country that has been on my bucket list for awhile now. When I discovered how feasible it is to travel to this north-African country from Europe, I knew I couldn’t pass it up during my semester abroad. From Italy, Morocco is only a three hour flight. And its a cheap flight. RyanAir flies to Marrakech, Morocco multiple times a week, making it easy to plan a trip on your own. However, due to potential safety concerns (as there are in any country around the world), I recommend visiting Morocco with a tour group. Keep reading to learn why your 20s are the best time to visit Morocco!

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Best time to visit Morocco

Best time to visit Morocco

Best time to visit Morocco

Best time to visit Morocco

Best time to visit Morocco

Best time to visit Morocco

Best time to visit Morocco

Best time to visit Morocco

Photo of a Berber village in the Ourika mountains

ATVing in the Moroccan desert!

Travel With Bus2alps

I recommend booking your trip through Bus2alps if you are studying abroad in Europe and want to visit Morocco. Bus2alps is a student travel company offering day trips, weekend trips, and fall/spring break trips throughout Europe for 20-somethings. Major departure cities include Barcelona, Prague, Florence, and Rome, but there are “meet us there” options as well. Their Morocco weekend is a “meet you there” trip, so you book your own flights and meet a guide at the Marrakech airport. The trip begins on a Thursday morning and ends on a Sunday.

Best Time To Visit Morocco: Day One

After clearing customs in the Marrakech airport, your trip begins with a scenic drive through Marrakech to a riad, or traditional Moroccan accommodation with an interior courtyard. My first afternoon in Morocco was spent trying new food, such as couscous and a tajine. A tajine is a ceramic dish that cooks meat and spices… delicious!

Next, I participated in a tour of the souks (markets) in the Old Medina of Marrakech and put my haggling skills to use! That night I had a traditional Moroccan dinner at the riad, complete with musicians and mint tea. Mint tea is the national drink of Morocco and is great for digestion, which is why it is typically served at the end of every meal.

Your 20s are the best time to visit Morocco because of how affordable it is. I tried some haggling today and was able to score some beautiful souvenirs for a great deal. This student trip should definitely be on your semester abroad bucket list!

Best Time To Visit Morocco: Day Two

On my second day in Morocco, we drove about an hour to the Ourika Valley for a day in the Atlas Mountains. On the way, we stopped at a Berber family home (the indigenous people of Morocco) for a tea making demonstration and henna tattoos.

From there, we drove to our camel excursion. Camels aren’t the friendliest animals, but getting to ride one in the Atlas Mountains was so cool. This is such a good photo-op and another reason why your 20s are the best time to visit Morocco!

Pro-tip: Although I did technically ride a camel in the desert, I really regret not doing this sunset dinner + camel ride experience in the desert. I’ve heard such great things about it, so hopefully you consider adding this experience to your Morocco bucket list!

Next on the Morocco itinerary was a hike in the mountains. This hike was one of the most difficult things I’ve done, but the mountain range was absolutely breath-taking. We also had the opportunity to swim in a waterfall at the end of our hike which made it all worth it.

Later that day, we ate a traditional BBQ dinner in the main Jamaa El Fna square of the Old Town of Marrakech, which comes alive at night with snake charmers, musicians, and boxing matches. Although your 20s are the best time to visit Morocco and a lot of female travelers venture here, be sure to stay in groups in the square at night!

Best Time To Visit Morocco: Day Three

The next day, I went ATVing with Desert and Dunes ATVing! It was very dusty since we were in the desert, but the camel caravans and mountains were beautiful. We drove into the middle of the desert for tea and photos before coming back to clean up.

Pro-tip: The combined desert tour includes ATVing AND a camel ride!

That afternoon we visited a herbalist in the Old Town. I bought my mom lotion for her insomnia, and it’s the only thing that has helped her sleep! We also visited Ben Youssef Madrasa, one of the oldest degree-granting universities in the world! Our last dinner was spent at a rooftop restaurant eating one last flavorful tajine and drinking (you guessed it) mint tea.

Tips For Visiting Morocco

This trip was one of the best because of Morocco’s uniqueness and the relaxing break that it provided from the hustle and bustle of Europe. Also, most of the time your passport won’t get stamped when traveling within the EU, so getting an African stamp in my passport during my semester abroad was an added bonus.

Hopefully this student guide to Morocco convinces you that the best time to visit Morocco is right now! To end, I just want to address some helpful tips about Morocco and answer some questions that I have been asked:

  • Morocco is a sub-tropical, Islamic country located in Northern Africa.
  • The Sahara, the largest desert in the world, is here!
  • The weather is hot and humid in most cities.
  • Despite the heat, conservative dress is recommended. Most people on my trip wore loose “elephant” pants and a plain t-shirt with sandals. Side note: Wearing a head scarf is not required, but I did at some places out of respect.
  • It is dusty! You will get dirty, so don’t bring anything valuable.
  • Moroccans speak French, Arabic, and Berber (native language).
  • Haggling is known as a national sport in Morocco- I encourage you to try it at the markets!
  • Morocco IS safe to visit- Just stay with a group and do what you can to blend in.
  • Don’t drink the tap water and be cautious of uncooked vegetables, etc.- Some people in my group caught a parasite.
  • Try mint tea and have an open mind when visiting…this country is like no other!
[Most photos taken and edited by Matt Mitera, check out his work on Instagram @matt_mitera]

MarraKECH you next time!!!

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Best time to visit Morocco


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  2. May 21, 2020 / 8:52 PM

    Hi Maria!! I recommend using websites like Skyscanner and Google Flights to find cheap flights on budget airlines, such as RyanAir in Europe or TigerAir in Australia. I also recommend traveling “backpack” style- meaning you should take public transportation as often as you can and stay in hostels! I work a lot and put most of my savings aside for travel, so definitely save up if you want to plan some trips! Hope this helps!

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