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Eating My Way Through Brussels Food

Eating Belgian waffles in Brussels, Belgium

Eating fries in Brussels, Belgium

Posing in Brussels' main square

After spending a weekend in Amsterdam, my friends and I took a bus to Belgium! I did not know what to expect before traveling to Belgium, so once I arrived in Brussels, my expectations were immediately exceeded by the food! Eating Brussels food is a European bucket list must. I only spent one day in Belgium but I felt like that was enough time to see the sights and taste the sweetness of Brussels.

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Staying In Brussels

My friends and I spent the night in the Sleep Well Youth Hostel. This was the nicest hostel that I’ve stayed at so far in Europe. It is extremely clean, modern, and offers daily walking tours. If you visit Brussels, I recommend doing a walking tour — this historic walking tour comes with a chocolate tasting too!. Tours depart from the main square multiple times a day and are completely free, lasting for about three hours. My tour guide did a fantastic job explaining the history of the city and showing us all of the must-see sights, including the City Hall, the peeing boy statue, St. Michael’s Cathedral, the Royal Palace, and the chocolate galleries.

Eating Brussels Food

Brussels food is some of the best that I’ve eaten during my semester abroad (sorry Italy!). The small country is known for its chocolate, hearty meat stew, fries, and waffles, of course. The chocolate galleries are unique to Brussels. They are essentially a beautiful glass strip mall, mostly containing chocolate stores. Each chocolate store has an amazing display in the window and samples for you to try. Here, you can find the best truffle in the entire world! In addition, Brussels has many pop-up restaurants scattered throughout the city where you can find some of the most delicious fries, or Belgian style frites. You can choose among countless sauces, including the traditional Andalouse sauce, a mixture of mayo and ketchup. My personal favorite was the truffle sauce. Before leaving Brussels, you must also try a famous Belgian waffle! A traditional Belgian waffle is served plain, but most places allow you to choose toppings. I chose Nutella, whipped cream, strawberries, and bananas. Although it was super sweet, this waffle was to die for.

Brussels makes for a perfect European day trip. If you get the chance to visit this remarkable city, I hope that you come hungry!

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Brussels food


  1. Alex
    September 28, 2022 / 2:16 PM

    So, basically the whole Belgian culinary experience sums up to fries, saussages and waffles… btw, have you tried german saussages?? You wouldn’t have mentioned theses ones…
    4 years in Belgium and still starving. Worst food ever!
    Thanks for an amazing piece of blogging

  2. September 30, 2022 / 6:50 PM

    Hi Alex, yes I have! They are the best!! Maybe I’ll have to write a post all about food in Germany…

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